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A Metal Roof is a Legitimate Investment. Here’s Your ROI…

There are multiple benefits too investing in a metal roof. Read more in our post about how a metal roof is a legitimate ROI.

Property owners make sizable investments in the improvement of their properties. But not all improvements are created equal. Clearly, one of the largest investments you can make in a property is a new roof. But will your new roof have a positive ROI? The answer largely comes down to the type of roof you choose, whether that’s a traditional or metal roof. 

Calculating Your Initial Cost

When it comes time to purchase a roof, it’s easy for the conversation of value to turn into to a conversation about cost. However, while it’s true that metal roofs are notably more expensive upfront, don’t let that scare you off just yet. Use it as the first measurement of your future return on investment. The first step to calculating your ROI is to get a quote for your metal roof!

Cheaper Cooling Expenses for Life

The next factor you’ll want to consider when calculated the ROI of your metal roof is the lowered heating/cooling bill. A massive benefit of metal roofing is its ability to deflect the scorching heat of the sun – rather than absorb it. The return on investment for your metal roof can include a savings of up to 40 percent on cooling costs!

Longevity Increases ROI

This is another very important calculation. It’s quite common for asphalt shingle roofs to need replacing every 12 to 15 years. In addition to the cost of the new roof, you’re also likely to have more maintenance expenses. This can turn the attractive upfront cost of an asphalt roof into a nightmare in the long run.

In contrast, metal roofs don’t need replacing nearly as often as traditional roofs.  In fact, metal roofing material typically keeps performing well and looking great for 50 years or more! And due to the strength of metal roofs, property owners aren’t likely to be facing costly roof repairs.

Better Resale Value

The final calculation you’ll want to make is a metal roof’s effect on your property’s resale value. Metal roofs are an attractive selling point, and when it’s time to sell your property, a metal roof can bring a higher ROI. Buyers appreciate a strong, stable, durable roof that maintains its appeal year after year. Some industry experts estimate that homes with metal roofs, with all other things being equal, can enjoy up to a six percent increase in selling price!

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