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Choosing the Right Roof for Your Needs

It is always prudent to have some sort of knowledge about something if you are planning to purchase it, whether it is a tangible product or a service. This would still hold true when you are thinking of replacing your existing roof. You should have a working knowledge about roofs before even searching for the right roofing contractor in Sioux City, IA. To make things easier on your part, we have created this list that would identify the different roofing types. Here they are:

Knowing the Different Roofs which we offer in Sioux City, IA

Butterfly Roof – If you are in the process of building a home that will be self-sufficient, then you should strongly consider this roof type. Its name is derived from its appearance. It is shaped like the letter V with its sides spread widely to the point that it looks like a butterfly’s wings, hence the name. The midsection of this roofing type will prove to be very useful in the collection of rainwater so it would make a lot of sense to build a reservoir to make the most out of such feature. The sad thing about this type of roof is that its complex design makes it costly to install.

Curved Roof – This is one of the most popular roofs for those who have a modern design house. It would amplify the aesthetic appeal of such structure. The arch of this roof can be modified to fit the weather of the area. For places that experience strong winds, a curved roof with lower slope is highly recommended because it can stand the strong winds.

Gambrel Roof – This is often used in barn houses. This led to the creation of a second name which is barn roof. This is one of the roofing types that are highly recommended for those with plans to expand their houses because it can provide extra living space which can be converted into garrets or lofts. Its simple layout makes it also very appealing because it is cheap to install. But this roof is not suitable for places that receive heavy snowfall.

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Now that you have more information about roofs, it would be understandable that you have additional questions. So it is high time for you to consult Walker Brothers Roofing LLC. We can give you more details about the type of roof that you want to be installed. So call us now at (712) 203-0111 for reliable roofing solutions!

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