Water damage on a ceiling

The Consequences of a Leaky Roof

Water damage is a serious threat to your home. Do you know what to look for or how to fix it?

Water damage is a serious threat to every home. Whether it is caused by a natural disaster, plumbing problem, or leaky roofing, it can compromise the safety and the structural integrity of your house. Let’s review the consequences of a leaky roof explained by a roofing contractor:

What Can a Roofing Contractor From Sioux City, IA Say About the Risks of Leaky Roofing?

Attic and ceiling damage; once your roofing system starts to let rainwater penetrate it, it is only a matter of time before you see the first indications of damage to your attic and ceiling. Your quick reactions are crucial. If you delay calling a skilled roofer, you will damage the interior of your house leading to compromised structural integrity. Your ceiling will become darker, and the boards in the attic will begin to rot and deteriorate.

Mold and mildew; this is another serious threat you should not ignore. Water damage and mold remediation businesses exist not without reason. If you have family members with allergies or respiratory issues, the prolonged exposure to mold and mildew will make their immune system go down. As a result, they will become more vulnerable to viruses. Some mold microorganisms are toxic, but even if that’s not the case with your leaky roof, water can cause enough damage to the wood framing, ceiling tile, and walls.

Fire risks from water ingress; everyone should be aware that the components of electrical their systems don’t get along with water. If it reaches wires or other components located beneath your walls, you face the risk of fire.

Higher monthly bills and stress; dealing with leaky roofing and water damage is no fun. It will cause you many sleepless nights, stress, and much expense. Water intrusion will lead to insulation deterioration and many other issues costing you an arm and a leg to fix.

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