Residential House with a Metal Roof

Is a Metal Roof Right for You?

Thinking about getting a new roof? Here are some reasons why a metal roof is an attractive option, with multiple benefits.

Thinking about getting a new roof? Perhaps your existing roof requires a total makeover? Whatever your situation, there are many materials available, but no matter what roof style you have, metal roofs can be an attractive option because of their longevity, minimal maintenance, and energy efficiency.

A roof is a significant investment, and if it’s time to replace yours – or if you’re building a new home and thinking about what material to cover it – you could be looking at a big expense. And because roofing can affect your home’s energy-efficiency, you may want to consider materials that will make a positive difference in this area.

The Last Roof You Will Ever Need

One massive advantage to choosing a metal roof is the impressively long-life expectancy. The metal itself can last 50-100 years! Asphalt shingles, with a 15-year life expectancy, don’t come close to competing. Considering that residential roofing prices double every ten years or so, the financial benefits of metal roofing really begin to show themselves once the homeowner has gone through one re-roofing cycle.

Highly Durable

Anyone who has lost shingles and sprung a leak during a storm understands the importance of a durable roof – especially true in the Midwest which is prone to weather extremes. Metal roofing has an impeccable track record and unique benefits – low weight and interlocking panels – making them exceptionally capable of lasting in severe weather. The protection that a metal roofing offers is unparalleled.

Fast to Install

Metal roofs can be much quicker to install than other materials, depending on the skill and experience of the company. Do you need a roof ASAP due to severe storm damage? Metal roofs are quick and painless.

Lighter than Shingles

Metal roofs are considerably lighter than traditional roofing materials, meaning less stress on the roofing structure (and the workers). If you are building from scratch, or using for a garage or shed, the requirement for supports may be reduced. Check your local building codes for more information.

Distinct Benefits

The sustainability, recyclability, and energy efficiency offered by metal roofing is unmatched by other materials. Hands down, the green benefits of metal, as well as the ongoing energy savings, put it far ahead of other roofing material choices.

But Expensive...Right?

Actually, metal roofs are significantly CHEAPER than shingle roofs in the long-term! Shingled roofs are relatively fragile, come with a lower life expectancy, and give you a higher energy bill. So, while a shingled roof is cheaper on the day of installation, it will cost you in the long run.

How much will a metal roof save you? Get a quote from Walker Brothers Roofing and find out!

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