Damaged shingles on a roof

Red Flags of a Bad Roofing Job

Tips From a Professional Roofing Contractor

Just had your roof replaced? Good for you! But how sure are you that your new roof job has been handled properly? You will never know until the next snow falls or the next downpour occurs. It’s tempting to run a garden hose in your roof just to make sure that everything is patched properly. Don’t worry because there’s no need for you to do all the life-affirming. Here are some tell-tale signs of a substandard output according to a trusted professional roofing contractor:

The Problem is Still There

If the reason why you need your roof to be fixed because water is leaking and causing water pooling and water damage. Fortunately, you got lucky and it rained the next day. You’ll know if the output is poor if the issues are still there. Or, you’ll notice it after a few weeks or a month from the day it was fixed. If you’re concerned about the quality, it’s best if you hire a professional roofing contractor to do the job for you.

The Roof After the Patch Looks Weird

The signs that you’ve acquired a shady job is to look for weird marks or non-uniformity. For instance, if you have shingles, look if they aren’t lined up properly or there are spaces between them. This is a red flag that the roofing job is hastened without considering the quality of the job. Make sure you have signed a contract before you have your roof repaired and look for an insured company to avoid any costly repairs again.

The old Ventilation is Installed…. Again!

A professional roofing service provider will always replace old and damaged vents to new ones, especially during roof repaired. Reputable companies are included in this service and it’s included in the service fee, too!

The Nails Aren’t Appropriate

The wrong nails for your roof spell disaster. These are hard to spot because nails almost look the same and you might not have the time to bother with what your contractor uses. Check with your contractor if they have nails for shingles and for a wooden or metal roof to keep. If they use it, your roof will definitely stay durable even when blown by strong winds.

If one or all of the description fits your current situation and there’s no way you can contact your previous contractor, you can always count on the roofing contractor experts at Walker Brothers Roofing LLC in Sioux City, IA. Give us a call at (712) 203-0111 for details.

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