Water damage on a flat roof

Commercial Roof Maintenance Tips Going Into Summer

Summer can be the best time to take a look at your roof - and assess winter damage. Read more to learn what to look for.

Summer is the best time of year to get outside and take care of your building’s roof. Whether it’s inspecting it for issues that developed over the winter and spring, or just taking care of the stuff you’ve been putting off. When you make it a point to routinely check your roof for repairs in the spring and summer, you’ll keep it in top shape and save yourself money in the long run. So, without any further ado, here are some tips for your roof maintenance this summer!

Checking for Damage

Typically, if your roof suffered any winter damage, now’s the time you’ll begin noticing it. However, there are some kinds of commercial roof damage that won’t be readily apparent until it’s too late.

This can happen through no fault of your own, so be sure to grab a ladder and get on your roof to look for any signs of damage that might be hiding up there. If you aren’t sure what to look for, remember that calling in a professional is always an option!

Gutters and Drains

Your gutters and drains help direct the flow of water away from your roof and building. If this path becomes blocked, it won’t divert water efficiently and will create a blockage. Over time this will cause a lot of different issues for your roof.

This makes keeping your gutters and drains clean all year round one of the best things you can do for your roof. Many people will clean them out during the fall because of the obvious leaf debris, but things can get stuck in there year-round. Blockage can leave water puddling on your roof, causing damage to the decking and also your interior!

Aside from gutter blockage, check that your gutters haven’t loosened during the harsh weather months. A loose gutter paired with heavy debris can create a dangerous problem for anyone entering or exiting your home. Though drains may not seem like part of your summer roof maintenance, they can greatly affect your roof. 

Pro Tip: check for shingle granules in your drains. This is a sign that your roof needs some work done.

Investing in Roof Maintenance

Although your roof may not be the first thing on your mind this summer, make summer roof maintenance a priority! As you’ve learned, issues can lurk in the shadows. Spotting issues in the early stages will benefit both your home and your wallet.

Feel more comfortable having your building’s roof inspected by a professional? A professional can help you spot draining problems, fungus, mold, and more. Just give us a call. We’d love to help!

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