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What Your Business Needs to Know About Metal Roofing

When you look at your roofing options the list is daunting, here is what your business needs to know about metal roofing.

When you look at your roofing options the list is daunting – asphalt, concrete, polymers, and gravel, and metal. Each has its own set of pros and cons. As a commercial business, the bottom-line matters to you. So, it’s important to know that while cheaper materials may save money upfront, they can require costly repairs and extensive maintenance down the line.

Though less conventional than other types of roofing material, metal provides a quality roof that can easily outshine the competition. Keep reading and discover the advantages of choosing a metal roof for your commercial building!

Metal is Fire Resistant...Obviously

While it’s somewhat common sense, you may not have put much thought into it – metal is fire resistant! Take a look around and you’ll see asphalt shingles everywhere here in the U.S., but in many parts of Europe they’ve actually been banned for their flammability. Metal comes in on the opposite end of the spectrum and is among the most fire-resistant materials that can be used on a commercial roof. Protecting your facility and keeping it in compliance with fire codes is an inherent benefit of choosing a metal roof.

Lower Energy Bills

With reflective coatings, metal roofing can notably reduce your cooling expenses in the summer. Because the material is so dynamic, it can also work well with a many different types of insulation to keep extreme temperatures under control. Metal is also the best material for solar panels, which opens up a whole new world of energy efficiency for your business!

Less Maintenance

A high-quality metal roof will require very little maintenance beyond the typical bi-annual roof inspections. It’s extremely rare for a metal roof to have any issues. And when a repair is needed, it is often quick and simple. This will have a positive impact on your business’ expenses.

Superior Aesthetics

Metal roofs just look better. Instead of a typical flat, bland commercial roofing, a metal roof can increase the attractiveness of your building and help it stand out from the rest!

Metal roofing is also available in more than just the standard design; it can be made to mirror traditional materials. Plus, you can have it coated in any color you want, making it the perfect commercial roofing material if you wish to work within a strict color palette. There are even certain metals like copper which develop a beautiful green patina – becoming even more beautiful over time!


This is where the numbers really start getting interesting. Some types of metal have an estimated life of up to 60+ years! That’s the same lifespan as a typical commercial building. Purchasing a metal roof is a legitimate investment. For many property owners, this alone is enough for them to switch to metal roofing. The long lifespan has a positive effect on the commercial property’s long-term upkeep, especially considering that you will only need to have it replaced twice a century.

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